HR & Payroll Software

Imaginehr is a product designed to meet the and payroll demands for small to medium businesses. It has a short setup time and is easy to use. It also allows payroll and HR systems to talk with one another and has low entry costs compared with many systems.

Imaginehr offers:

  • HR and Training records
  • Self-service for employees and managers
  • Automated administration processes to save you time
  • Electronic tax year end filing & e-payslips
  • HR & payroll reporting with analysis
  • BACS payments
  • Uninterrupted 24/7 internet access
  • HMRC compliance



You can access Imaginehr through the internet. This secure service reduces IT costs, saves you time and provides you with excellent security processes.


Imaginehr is state-of the art. Developed by Midland HR and designed with their extensive knowledge and proven track record in this area giving you a platform you can trust.

Go on... make your life easier

To download the Imaginehr brochure click here.