Strategy Implementation

Defining strategy is the easy bit; acheiving the change you require in the shortest possible timescales is more difficult. We work with you to ensure everyone knows what is expected of them. We help you to manage change and acheive results.

The emphasis in strategy implementation has now changed to highlight the need to achieve coherence.
Traditional fragmentation techniques break strategic drivers into smaller manageable parcels of work. Task and measurement are then translated down through the layers within the organisation, leading to classic command and control working.

When overused, fragmentation techniques can create 'silo working' and conflict between teams competing for shared resources. Target setting can also distort outcomes by emphasising one area to the detriment of another.

Such approaches are now too slow and bureaucratic to keep pace with change. The challenge is to break down strategic drivers without losing sight of the overall context and the connectivity between different strands. We have the capability to help you bring about the necessary change.

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